Tooth Whitening

Stains, discoloration, and yellowing teeth can be troublesome to handle, but teeth whitening may dramatically improve your smile and give you a major boost in self-confidence. Having teeth whitening can effectively remove stains while protecting your enamel and allow you to have whitened, clean teeth with no negative side effects. Under the care of dental team, we can provide you with affordable treatment options to remove those stains and help you achieve a beautifully white smile.

Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening?

Many patients who have yellowed stains can be visually unappealing and even embarrassing at certain times. However, different kinds of stains can occur along with the enamel that sometimes isn’t always cleaned with at-home products. Tooth discoloration can happen for numerous reasons, but most often, dentists will classify those stains into three categories:

  • Extrinsic: Extrinsic only affects the surface of the enamel, meaning that foods and habits such as coffee, tea, and poor dental hygiene can contribute to the development of these stains. These stains are usually removable by either at-home treatments or professional cleanings because these stains only sit on top of the enamel rather than inside it.
  • Intrinsic: Intrinsic stains are a type of stain embedded in the enamel, and these types of stains are often created through something inside your teeth. White spots caused by fluorosis, black stains caused by tooth decay, and yellow stains from enamel wear down are often intrinsic.
  • Age-Related Stains: These stains typically occur as part of the natural aging process, often appearing deep-seated yellow and brown. This is because the dentin and other internal parts of the tooth can die off over time as we age.

If you have stains that get in the way of keeping you smiling, professional dental cleanings can help you keep your smile gleaming. But one of the most frequent questions often asked is, will tooth whitening harm my teeth? Even while tooth whitening isn’t necessary for maintaining good oral health, it is a safe and effective way of removing stains for clean, white teeth.

Prevention and Treatment For Tooth Discoloration

If your teeth have been suffering from stains, there are many preventative ways of removing those stains and keep them shining. Often, drinks such as coffee and tea contain tannins that stain the enamel over time, so drinking through a straw or limiting your intake can help reduce those stains. In other cases, smoking, poor brushing, and other factors can contribute to your tooth discoloration, but luckily we can help. Our in-office whitening procedures can protect your gums from irritation and do a deep whitening treatment that removes those stains and helps keep your teeth whiter, longer.

For more information about teeth whitening procedures, contact our team at Gentle Touch Dental in Cheyenne, WY to schedule an appointment.

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