Tooth Extractions

Our focus at Gentle Touch Dental is preventative care, and maintaining our patient’s oral health is our top priority as a community-serving dental office. However, sometimes we may need to perform a tooth extraction. While we always search for better solutions, we can provide tooth extractions using our Ogram system to help prevent the spread of bacterial infection and eliminate any signs of immediate discomfort. We will take steps to assure your comfort within our office and help you feel as relaxed as possible for a successful extraction procedure.

When is a Tooth Extraction Necessary?

The permanent removal of a natural tooth, known as an extraction, can lead to additional oral health concerns.It’s important to maintain your oral health to avoid these consequences. At Gentle Touch Dental, we work with patients to find multiple solutions to the dental problems they face. However, as a patient’s teeth vary according to medical history, health problems, and other factors, tooth extractions may be the only presentable solution.

When handling a patient’s oral health, tooth extraction may be necessary for the following conditions:

  • Severe Tooth Decay: In cases of serious tooth decay, the bacteria infecting the tooth reaches the tooth’s center, which contains the pulp, root canal, and nerves providing the tooth with its ability to sense temperature changes. When bacteria infect the pulp, these infections can deteriorate the tooth so severely that fillings and root canal procedures cannot fully restore the tooth to health.  
  • Periodontal disease: In rare cases, periodontal disease that has advanced enough can cause the gum and ligaments to decline, and the teeth become a loss. If scaling and planing do not help heal the gums and some teeth remain loose, then tooth extraction is a possible solution.  
  • Impacted Teeth: Wisdom teeth are the most reoccurring and common reason for tooth extractions, as these teeth are often impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth can contribute to teeth misalignment, gum disease, and cavities because they affect the mouth’s internal structure. In these cases, extractions are necessary.  
  • Trauma/Overcrowding: Teeth affected by a traumatic accident or have overcrowded may need to be pulled to help preserve the natural function of your mouth. If the damage becomes severe enough that restorations cannot be used, tooth extraction may be needed.

Tooth Extractions at Gentle Touch Dental

If you’re worried, know that we will be here to help you have healthy teeth no matter what you’re going through. Our dentistry team uses the Ogram system, a highly developed system, to extract teeth swiftly and with minimal pain. When you need a dental extraction, we can provide options to assure that removing your tooth is successful and ensure that you recover properly afterward. For more information about the Ogram system and how we perform extractions, contact our team at Gentle Touch Dental in Cheyenne, WY to arrange an appointment.

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