Implant Restoration

Dental implants are a reliable way to rebuild your smile when you’ve experienced tooth loss or have had to undergo an extraction. With careful attention and consistent dental hygiene, most patients will be able to enjoy their dental implants for years to come. While they are durable, dental implants can occasionally require restoration to stay looking their best. If you’re considering implants or are wondering if your implants are in need of restoration, it’s time to make an appointment at our clinic.

Why You May Need Implant Restorations and What To Expect

When you’ve been living with dental implants for an extended period, it’s common for your provider to suggest implant restorations. There’s a frequent misconception that the only way to restore implants to full functionality is to do the whole process over again. This isn’t true in any way, and most repairs are able to be done without impacting the actual implant at all.

Implant restoration, in general, refers to the repair and updating of the crowns that are mounted on the titanium implant in the jaw. That titanium screw will remain in place as the crown is repaired. The rest of the restoration process depends largely on the condition of the restoration and the work required to return it to its original beautiful appearance. Most often, the repair will involve the repair or replacement of a dental crown that has worn down with the passage of time.

Preparing for an implant restoration typically requires the following steps:

  • Dental Exam – During the exam, the current state of your teeth will be determined and what degree of restoration your implant requires.
  • Consultation – Your exam will be followed by a consultation where your dentist explains the state of your oral health and whether implant restoration is right for you.
  • Replacement – During the next visit, you’ll undergo the actual restoration of your implant, which typically involves the replacement of the crown. The old crown will be removed, while the new one is fitted into place, making it good as new.

This process is relatively quick and works to restore your smile to a beautiful and flawless state. Additional time may be necessary if you require multiple implant restorations. This often happens in cases where you had all your implants put in at the same time, as can happen with full arch restorations. Speaking to one of our specialists will help you determine how long to be available for your restoration appointment.

Implant Restorations Are A Great Way To Preserve Your Investment

When a patient first gets their implants, many of them imagine that these restorations will last them a lifetime. While dental implants can last you for many years, on a long enough timeline, it will become necessary to have them receive maintenance. This happens even if you religiously maintain your dental hygiene routine and visit our office every six months. If you think that it’s time for an implant restoration, reach out to our offices in Cheyenne, WY and arrange a meeting with one of our dental professionals today.

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